Efficient Freight Forwarding

Manor River Freight Services Limited is a freight forwarding company providing efficient, reliable and competitively priced freight services to West Africa, particularly to Sierra Leone, Ghana, Gambia and Nigeria. We offer excellent customer centred and timely shipping, procurement, logistics, cargo and courier solutions.

Personalised Procurement

We consider each of our customers as a very important person VIP. Consistently, we deliver to them world class customer service with our flair for building trust and relationship. We are serious about personalised freight services and uncompromising top notch customer care. Whether you are an individual or a company, we can tailor our services to meet your requirements and business goals.

Experienced Cargo Shipping

Our founders and directors have established repute for proficient, dependable transportation of goods from London, United Kingdom to Freetown, Accra, Banjul, Lagos and other major port cities of West Africa. With a core team of industry experienced and knowledgeable people, the company is solidly established on over 14 years of competency shipping cargo from London to Sierra Leone and other select cities of West Africa.

Door to Door Delivery

We know that arranging a shipment can be quite a hassle and highly time consuming that’s why we offer a door to door service for all your shipment needs. We can arrange to collect your goods from your home, a store or from a supplier anywhere in the UK. So if you’ve got items to ship and are on a tight schedule, email or call our office and our team of friendly staff are at hand to help. We will collect your goods, pack them securely, ship and clear them and deliver them safely to your loved ones in Sierra Leone.


For our proficient shipping, procurement, logistics and courier solutions.